Thursday, November 22, 2012

Baby Gender Determination - A Possibility?

Is baby gender determination possible?  Can you really pick the gender of your baby before conception?  Thousands of prospective parents around the world ask this question every day.

There are a lot of products, ebooks and other information out there that promise to help you find the answer to that question.  The number of choices is bewildering, and it’s almost impossible to know where to turn.

One product that is attracting a lot of attention in recent months is the “Plan My Baby” guide book that was written by baby gender selection expert Alicia Pennington.  This blog is a comprehensive, independent review of this product.

This ebook thoroughly describes the steps and processes involved for the prospective parents.   As you might expect, there’s more of a focus on the woman, since the conception of the baby occurs inside her body and she must carry the child throughout the pregnancy.  There is a good bit of advice in the ebook on how the prospective mother can create the right environment inside her body before and during intercourse in order to have the baby of the gender of the parents’ choice.

The Prince or Princess e-book states that all you have to do is to follow the author’s instructions and you will have a 94% chance of success in having the baby of your choice.  Therefore if a couple wants to have a girl, they can have a girl. If a couple wants to have a boy, they can have a boy. Basically, when you’re ready to conceive your baby pick the gender you want, follow the instructions, and you should be able to have the gender baby you’re dreaming of.

So who exactly is Alicia Pennington and how did this “Plan My Baby” project come about?

Alicia is the mother of two children, a six year old girl and a two year old boy.   She has extensive experience in the area of pregnancy and birth because she is a midwife.  In this role, she has worked with hundreds of couples from early in their pregnancies through the birth of their child.  She saw many families whose child was not the gender they had been hoping for.  Their disappointment caused a great deal of heartache and grief.  

These experiences struck a deep note in Alicia, and spurred her to try to find a practical, simple way for couples to be able to conceive a child of the desired gender.  Let’s take a look at the results of Alicia’s research.  

At first, couples may feel that they are taking a “gender predictor quiz” of sorts.  They will find that they’ll need to pay attention to some facts they never thought about before.  These are some of them: The woman’s ovulation calendar; her body’s pH; the food she eats and how it is prepared; and positions the couple use during sexual intercourse.  Let’s examine these things a bit more closely.

It is essential for the prospective mother to know when she is ovulating.  The ability to choose your baby gender depends heavily on exactly where in her reproductive cycle the woman is when the couple has intercourse. 

Another factor is the the pH of the woman’s body.  This is a measurement of how acidic or alkaline the woman’s vagina is at the time of intercourse. The acidity or alkalinity of the vagina can be a major factor in determining the baby’s gender.

The author also states the types of food the couple eat and the kind of preparation of these foods are more key factors to baby gender selection. Certain foods favor a particular gender.

And finally she speaks about sexual positions.  As odd as it may seem, there are some sexual positions that will greatly increase the odds of having a baby of one gender over another. Prospective parents will learn in her e-book how different positions help to place the “girl sperm” or the “boy sperm” in the right position for conception of your dream baby.

Are there any negative things about Alicia Pennington e-book?  Just like every product in the world, this product cannot guarantee a hundred percent perfect results and in fact Ms. Pennington says this herself.

Although these methods are helping to change the lives of families for the better, nothing is fool proof or guaranteed.  The author notes that her guide book has a 94% success rate, which literally means that at least 9 times out of 10, if you follow her advice you will get a child of the gender you wanted.  Users must keep in mind that there is a small chance that they will not get a baby of the gender they want.  Although it is not a guaranteed baby predictor for gender, what “Plan my baby” does however is to greatly increase your chances for getting what you want.

Alicia’s methods are safe, natural and effective, and her methods are easy.  Her book is very easy and enjoyable to read. After reading this guide, prospective parents will definitely take something away that will help you better select the gender of the child.  The guide is packed with good advice which is delivered in a lighthearted, optimistic way.  We recommend this guide as something that could be extremely valuable to hopeful parents looking to have their “dream baby.”